The Skinny on Baltimore in 2072

Welcome to the Charm City of Now

Ah, the smell of the Bay. Fresh, synthetic fish, fresh smog, a good tinge of O-Zone, and fresh decomp. The skyline’s changed a bit, with some “repurposed” stadium space in the forefront. Neon lights blink through a dank 2AM downtown gloom. Steam and exhaust mingle as the newest in novahot aero-car technology zips by. SmartSim-powered targeted ads and Corp-speak chatter endlessly through the night. Augmented Reality chirps, and the faint and permanent glow from city lights bounces off a smoke ceiling in the clouds. It’s a different town from what you know, but some things never change.

The Skyline

The Key Bridge is intact, and if you looked out across the Harbor you’d probably recognize Charm City for what it is. The main difference would be the addition of some taller buildings and a relatively denser downtown sector. The IHCOR stands tall, with walled off corporate enclaves flanking the main drag along Pratt Street. Ares Macro has a significant operation in their mini-arcology on Pratt, along with their chief competitors in the city, Saeder-Krupp. The Detroit-based Ares and the German-based S-K are always butting heads in the Mobtown shadows, continuing the old-school rivalry from the Motown heyday. S-K’s downtown holdings aren’t as prominent as Ares’, but their proximity to their biggest in-town rivals runs tensions high. And even though there are some extra buildings on the scene, you can still see spires from gothic churches set against the hazy sky.

The Skinny on Baltimore in 2072

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