The Ick

The Inner Harbor Corporate Operational Region (IHCOR) is the epicenter of the Baltimore-Annapolis “sub-plex”. The city does not meet the International Corporate Standards for Statistical Means and Measures’ minimum population and population density metrics to qualify as a Metroplex. It’s just not big enough. Regardless, the IHCOR serves as an important logistical and financial center for the UCAS’ Atlantic economic activities.

The IHCOR, or “The Ick” as the city’s more colorful denizens call it, is a compartmentalized safe-zone that houses the bulk of the Megacorps’ activities in greater Baltimore. Several new skyscrapers have risen in the area since the tumultuous early 21st century, but the majority of the skyline remains intact. The newer, larger buildings are stylized mini-arcologies that are fairly self-sufficient, though they do not rival the Renraku Arcology in Seattle or the Gazprom complex in Moscow.

Tyhe rest of the immediate downtown area surrounding the harbor is parceled off in four-to-six block Occupational; Zones. The various Megas operating financial and logistical franchises in the Ick.

The city is now a moderately thriving port, having recovered some of that status after the great New York earthquake destroyed much of the NYC infrastructure.

You can still see church spires on the horizon from various points in the city.

The Ick

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