Mobtown 2072

Charm City….the sights, the smells, the Corps, the guns, the drugs. The elves have a saying: “Plus ka change…” You know the rest. Baltimore in 2072 has it’s host of issues. Corporate intrigue, unsolved murders, over-taxed Lone Star cops, racial tensions, messy fire fights, cranky rat shamans, out of work Orks, rekindled heavy industries, corporate enclaves, cockroaches that can eat a cat, sludge, sulfur, brimstone, acid rain one day and brilliant sunshine the next….Everything a growing shadowrunner needs. There are plenty of opportunities for good cred for the SINless, but you better know one thing if you’re going to sling bullets or spells on the outside of the law: The Mob rules.

Maybe more than any other city on the east coast of the UCAS, gangland politics are almost as prevalent as the corporate dealings that pervade the shadows of the fucked up 21st century. If you’re going to run the streets in Baltimore, you better know somebody, you better know how to hustle, and you better watch your back.

And of course, never cut a deal with a dragon.

Mob Town Shadowrun